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The area around Orosei is just waiting to be explored and admired for those who love trekking, but also for all those who want to relax by walking through nature. The only risk is that you can lose sense of direction due to exciting smells and sparkling colours where the green of forest overlaps the white of limestone rocks and mix themselves with endless shades of blue of the sea and the sky.
If this should happen don’t worry, we will find you wherever you are! We suggest you some speci fic places, but remember that the whole Central Sardinia is an amazing territory and easy reachable from Orosei. Remember also that animals who live in the woods of the mountains are at risk of extinction, such as the mouflon and the griffon vulture. For this reason the areas are subjected to protection and it is necessary to adopt a prudent, respectful and appropriate behaviour. If you want to explore the places from Supramonte to Gennargentu or to visit the nearest places such as the ponds of Su Petrosu and the river of the Cedrino we will be pleased to give you all the informations you need and to organise an excursion that is adapted to your abilities and interests.

Monte Tuttavista
This mountain is more than 800 metres high and it raises delimited in the east part from the valley of the river Cedrino with the magni ficence of its white limestone rock, rich in karst caves and cavities. Numerous evidences of fossil fauna and endemic species have been discovered here. Holm oak, juniper, mastic tree and euphorbia dominate the thick Mediterranean Maquis, embellished by various species of wild orchid. The mountain is populated by wild boars, foxes, weasels and martens. During your excursions it will be easy to catch sight of common ravens, kestrels, partridges and buzzards. When you reach 630 metres of hight, remember to stop and to admire Sa Pedra Istampada (rock with hole): in the rock there is a central hole of about 40 meters which is shaped by wind and salt. It is an extraordinary spectacle of nature.

Grotta di Ispinigoli
You reach Grotta di Ispinigoli taking the road that from Orosei brings to Dorgali. The cave is open only during summer season and it has not yet be completely explored. The central chamber opens with a view over the 38 meters hight limestone column. The walls are a sequence of limestone plays and tunnels. Different studies confirm that this cave was used for celebrations of ancient rituals in the past.

Su Gorroppu and Tiscali
To visit Europe’s Grand Canyon, Su Goroppu, you have to go further to the south. Once you reach the town of Dorgali go direction Oddoene and then follow the valley of the Rio Flumineddu. After around 12 km, near a crossroad, you will came across a change in direction to the right side, marked by a signpost for Tiscali. Continue on this road for around 1 km, until you reach the Sa Barva bridge. After the bridge you will see the sign for Su Gorroppu. From this point you have to continue on foot. You will have in front of you a spectacle that takes your breath away. The trails of the gorges have been dug by the path of the Rio Flumineddu creating high walls of otherworldly silence. From the signpost Tiscali, you met before, proceed towards Sant’Elene. At the first crossroad go right and continue until the parking place. Leave the car and proceed walking along the riverbed of the Rio Flumineddu. Once you have crossed the river, you will see the signs for Tiscali. Arrows on the rock signal the direction to reach the top of the mountain. On this mountaintop you can visit the ruins of the famous nuragic village that we have as must-see in our organised excursions.