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Discover our tradition inside our cuisine

Who wouldn’t want to explore these colourful dishes on tables laden with food?

Orosei offers also a wonderful culinary tradition and we of Albergo Diffuso Mannois can’t wait to bring you into a fascinating tour of typical Sardinian recipes! We tell you something about our tradition to whet your appetite. The cuisine of Orosei derives from a culinary tradition associated with the flavours of the land and today enriched by those of the sea. For this reason the choice of dishes is very large: typical roasts of suckling pig, goat and lamb; fresh and dry sausage; various type of cold cuts and different ageing of cheese; roasted mullets with spices, sea breams and sea basses. Also the first courses of fresh pasta have an important role in our traditional cuisine: sos maccarones de punzu, similar to gnocchi, sos maccarrones de busa , similar to bucatini, and sos anzelotos, pasta filled with cheese and ricotta. Also our bread has a special role which we use to create even first courses: i.e pane frintu, stale bread fried in olive oil, garlic and water. In the past the ancient got the vitamins from the numerous herbs and the natural vegetables that were combined to create main dishes. Remember to ask to taste sa pompia when fruit is served: a typical local fruit that is a mix between orange and grapefruit. The bitters obtained from dried leaves and the sweets recall the most ancient arts of preparation. If it dif ficult to find housewives and pastry chefs who will be willing to reveal the secret of alchemies among flour, eggs, honey and almond. What you will surely find is a great helpfulness that is converted in good conversations, good wine and really abundant portions!