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To eat in our Restaurants means to rediscover the flavour and aromas of our past in an intimate and exclusive atmosphere


Antica Locanda Sa Turre

The Antica Locanda Sa Turre is situated in the historic centre of Orosei and it is located in the building of the same name of our Albergo Diffuso Mannois. It was the first inn of the town in the 60s and it has hosted many tourists and travellers from all around the world. The restaurant still surprises even the most sophisticated tastes with its simple and genuine dishes of ancient farmer recipes handed down from our forefathers (called Mannois in our dialect). Sa Turre offers the guests of Mannois a place in which tasting – slowly and without hurry – the best traditional dishes: from typical homemade pasta (ravioli, macarones de busa, culurgiones) to fresh fish of the Gulf of Orosei. It is an intimate and refined atmosphere made of simple furnishings and architectural details that recalls the history of this part of the island. The restaurant offers also a wonderful terrace that overlooks the historic centre of Orosei and from which you can admire the whole town that slowly wanes to the sea. During the hot summer evenings you can taste the special local dishes while immersing yourselves in the slow passage of time and the suggestive panorama of the Gulf.

Risto Winery Mannois

The Risto Winery Mannois is located inside the Main House of Su Rosariu, one of the oldest historic monument of the town which has been carefully renovated in the way to preserve his ancient value and it is situated few meters from the main square of Orosei. In his intimate and romantic atmosphere, the tables have as background the beautiful internal courtyard from which the guests can admire the preparation of dishes from the open kitchen, or the internal tavern where the guests can lose themselves in the past and discover the ancient traditional houses with their interior walls in natural stones which make them very cool during summer. What makes the Risto Winery Mannois so special is its refined menu with few selected dishes: many of the selected ingredients come from the first Blue Zone of the World, a place where people live better and longer thanks to an ancient and healthy diet. In addition to the carefully refined menu, the Risto Winery Mannois offers also an accurate selection of wines that can be paired to each dish.