Sea and Beaches

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Crystal clear water and golden sand

Orosei overlooks one of the most spectacular gulfs in eastern Sardinia. Every day you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most famous beaches of the entire Mediterranean, renowned for their extraordinarily crystal clear water.

Beach of Bidderosa
This beautiful beach is a protected area with controlled access. From Orosei take the SS125direction North. After the crossroad for Cala Ginepro turn right and you will reach the Forest Ranger (Guardia Forestale) building, from where you start to access the beach.

Beach of Berchida
This beach offers several km of fine sand. It has a large parking place that you can reach from a dirt road. The Nuragic complex of Conca Umosa is not far away from here. To get there you have to continue on the road SS125 direction North. The dirt road that leads to the beach is located shortly before the road-man’s house (Casa Cantoniera).

Beach Sa Petra Bianca
The beach takes its name from the forestry reserve that regulates the access during summer season and it imposes a fee for cars. The little road that brings inside the reserve starts from the forest ranger station Sa Petra Bianca. Cala Ginepro, Cala Liberotto, Mattanosa, Fuile ‘e Mare: these are just some of the other beaches that are easy to reach from the main road, all intact in their natural beauty.

The pearls of the Gulf of Orosei
Marina di Orosei is the local beach and it is cut by the mouth of the River Cedrino. Here the beach takes the name of Isporoddai. Proceeding southwards you reach the beach of Osalla, at the border with the town of Dorgali. The Gulf of Orosei became famous thanks to the wonderful beaches of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola and Cala Goloritzè that are reachable most of all by sea. It is dif ficult to describe in words the charm of the cliffs and the magic of light created from the polished little stones and the emerald coloured water. It is said that Cala Luna takes its name from the sparkle of its white pebbles under the light of the moon. Also Grotta del Bue Marino (in Dorgali) and Grotta del Fico (in Baunei) are reachable by sea starting from the Golf of Orosei. Grotta del Bue Marino takes its name from the nickname given to monk seal, called sea ox (it. bue marino), that is said it lived inside the tunnels of the cave. The cave is composed of stalactites and stalagmites and it is divided in several “rooms”, reminding us to “Room of Mirrors” with its extraordinary optical illusions. The cave can be visited with organised excursions, including the visit to the beaches, along equipped and illuminated routes. Also the Grotta del Fico is famous for its great signi ficance from the faunal point of view. One of the founding fathers of Sardinian speleology lived in contact with the monk seal for several days, obtaining very useful informations. A route on a gangway, created along the fossil riverbed, allows to explore safely the cave.