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Orosei and its surroundings: an area to discover

Little town famous for the production of cold cuts and ham. Irgoli has nearby various areas of archaeological interest. The town itself is adorned by several Murales.

A recipient of the prestigious orange flag from the Touring Club, this town features a wellpreserved historic centre that was brought to the top by the establishment of the Literary Park “Grazia Deledda”, which is dedicated to the Sardinian writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926. Also of interest are the Casa Marras Ethnographic Museum and the castle Castello di Pontes.

Significant town for activities in handicraft sectors (pottery, carpets, leather and filigree) and food sectors (wine, oil and cheese). Dorgali is also famous for its various beautiful landscapes and archaeological areas.

Cala Gonone
This small town by the sea benefits from a stunning location from a naturalistic point of view and it is also famous for its sports and culinary proposal.

The provincial administrative centre is worth a visit. For nature lovers we suggest a walk up the Mount Ortobene, but we must also mention the springs known as the Sorgenti di Su Gologone, which are not far away. For those who want to discover the culture we suggest a visit to the museum Museo Man, to the native house of Grazia Deledda to immerse yourselves in the past and to the ethnographic museum Museo Etnografico where you can admire, among other itineraries, the parade of colours and fabrics of different Sardinian costumes.

The town of the Murales (wall paintings) that are portrayals of political passion, hard rural lives and word injustices. The Murales offer the visitors a multi-coloured spectacle combined with moments of deep thoughts. An experience not to be missed.

The small town of Posada is located further to the north. Do not miss a visit to the castle Castello della Fava, which took its name from a historical legend: to mislead the Turks in the 14th century, the inhabitants, which where refuged in the castle, gave the last remaining fava beans to a pigeon and they wounded it a little bit to cause his fall while flying over the turkish camp. Their aim was to convince the enemy that they were prepared for a long-lasting resistance, even if their food provisions were almost finished. But this trick saved their lives. When the Turks saw the stomach of the pigeon they thought that if even pigeons have food in the castle… well, there was no chance and they left. These are just some hints about the rich human and cultural heritage that you can visit near to Orosei. Contact the Reception and we will help you to create your travel itinerary.