Make Pasta, Live Longer!

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A long and happy life begins at the table: immerse yourself in the customs and lifestyle of our Mannois and discover the secrets of Sardinian longevity with a journey into the local gastronomic culture.

Get your hands in the dough and prove yourself: our NonnaMaria will show you how to make the typical maccarrones from scratch to perfection. And then? Tutti a tavola! We will enjoy all together anice plate of handmade pasta… by you!

What is about?

With aprons and rolling pins we will prepare a traditional fresh pasta from scratch, starting from the very simple basic ingredients: water and flour. We will only use local sourced, sustainable and organic grains and other products.

You will be able to knead and test your manual skills under the wise supervision of our expert Nonna Maria.


During the workshop we will talk about the Blue Zones, revealing the secrets of the exceptional Sardinian longevity.

We will cook and finally eat the freshly prepared dishes altogether at a large table, tasting other typical dishes of the centenarian diet as well. Everything paired with good local wine.


Who can participate?

All the foodies and food lovers!

The workshops will welcome a maximum of 10-12 participants to allow everyone to be closely followed during the lesson and to fully enjoy an exclusive and convivial experience.


How long?

1 h e 30′, then… Tutti a tavola!



In our Cantina.


How it works?

  • The workshop will include both theory and practice. It will be about:

– Blue Zones and longevity lifestyles;

Ingredients and main dishes of the centenarians diet;

How to hand make fresh pasta from scratch.

  • Hands-on assisted kneading and actual preparation of traditional maccarrones
  •  Dinner based on what we prepared during the lesson


What’s on the menù?

Main course: freshly handmade pasta, paired with a good local wine.

Side dish: carasau bread, local fresh cheese and seasonal vegetables.


What’s included?

  • Everything needed for the preparation of the fresh pasta;
  • Complimentary aprons and chef hats;
  • Water and house wine for dinner.


*Extra drinks and à la carte wines are not included.

**We kindly recommend you to inform us ahead of time with any food allergies or preferences you may have so we can accommodate them.

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